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Southern Progress Fund originally launched in 2013 to support progressive statewide and state legislative candidates and help expand the electorate throughout the South to include more of the New American Majority of voters traditionally ignored by political parties because they are deemed low-propensity. We view these voters as high potential, especially in a region where voting rights are under continued assault. 


We met with early success when our independent expenditure work helped propel Democrat Mark Herring to victory in the Virginia Attorney General race in 2013 - the closest election in the country that year. We also helped fund large voter registration efforts in Georgia and Florida and ran communications and paid media programs in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi in 2014 before taking a break in 2015.


After a five-year hiatus, we decided it was time to relaunch and refocus our efforts, starting in Arkansas - the home state of our co-founders. 


We invite you to learn more about us, about the policies, issues and candidates and elected officials that threaten true progress in the South, and about some of the great progressive candidates in the South. And we ask that you sign up for updates from SPF, donate to fund our work, and take action when Southern Progress calls upon you.


With your help, we will make progress in the South and lay the groundwork for the South to once again be a progressive stronghold.

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