Election Day



Arkansas - like many Southern states - has a sad history of voter suppression, including passing a ridiculous voter ID law in 2018. The voter ID law was proposed by Republicans in the legislature who like to choose who votes as opposed to voters choosing their elected leaders. 


Even though the Arkansas constitution had long prohibited barriers to voting, the Republicans wrote the voter ID law as an amendment to the constitution Known as Issue 2, the Republicans but the Arkansas constitution. Ridiculous and harmful to many potential voters.


This year, there will be a massive effort to suppress people from voting safely from home as the pandemic wreaks havoc in Arkansas..


Southern Progress Fund will work to make sure that every voter that wants to vote absentee in Arkansas due to COVID-19 has the ability to do so. 

After flipping around for months, Gov. Hutchinson finally saw the writing on the wall that it will be dangerous for many people to physically go to the polls in November and said that anyone that wants to vote absentee can do so using the coronavirus as an excuse.  


We will work to help people in other Southern states like Mississippi and Alabama vote by mail or absentee ballot.


And we will build a statewide effort to provide food, water, sanitation and PPE to voters who go to the polls that may face long waiting lines.